NCMAS 2019 Call for Applications

The National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS) 2019 Call for Applications is open from 03 September to 19 October 2018. The application deadline is 8:00pm AEDT Friday 19 October 2018.

The NCMAS 2019 Information for Applicants reference document is available via the following link:

NCMAS 2019 Information for Applicants (PDF - Revised 20 Sep 2018)

All applicants are encouraged to read this document in full before completing an application.

Help is available at if you have questions.

The NCMAS Secretariat is currently finalising allocations and feedback to applicants. NCMAS outcomes will be available on this website by Friday 14 December 2018.

Key Dates

03 September - 19 October Applications accepted
19 October (8:00pm AEDT) Application Deadline
22 October - 29 October Administrative and technical assessment
29 October - 30 November Merit assessment
05 December - 06 December Allocation Committee meeting
11 December Announcement of outcomes - IN PROGRESS (expected 14 December 2018)