NCMAS 2019 Allocations

Allocations for 2019 were determined in a meeting of the National Computational Merit Allocation Committee at the ANU on 5-6 December 2018.

  • All values are kilo-service units (KSU). 1 service unit (SU) is equivalent to 1 cpu-hour. Service units are defined to be approximately equivalent across all NCMAS HPC facilities.
  • An EMPTY cell indicates that no request was made for that HPC facility.
  • A ZERO (0) allocation indicates a Committee decision to allocate no resources from that HPC facility.
Project Code Lead CI Institution Project Title NCI Raijin Allocation (KSU) Pawsey Magnus Allocation (KSU) Monash MASSIVE Allocation (KSU) UQ FlashLite Allocation (KSU) Total Allocation (KSU)
w47 Evatt Hawkes University of NSW Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion 2000 9000     11000
g75 Julio Soria Monash University Investigations of transitional and turbulent shear flows using direct numerical simulations and large eddy simulations 1500 9000 250   10750
e14 Matthew England University of NSW Past, present and future climate variability and change in the Southern Hemisphere 10000       10000
f97 Julian Gale Curtin University of Technology Atomistic Simulation for Geochemistry and Nanoscience 2000 8000     10000
bq2 Richard Sandberg University of Melbourne High-fidelity simulations of turbomachinery applications 650 8500     9150
e31 Derek Leinweber University of Adelaide Electromagnetic Structure of Matter 4000 5000     9000
y89 Martin Asplund Australian National University 3D magneto-hydrodynamical stellar modelling and 3D non-equilibrium radiative transfer 7500       7500
e87 Irene Yarovsky Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Theoretical Investigation of novel materials for industrial and biomedical applications 2000 4000     6000
d35 Igor Bray Curtin University of Technology Atomic Collision Theory 250 5000     5250
dc7 Vincent Wheatley University of Queensland Scramjet-based Access-to-Space and Planetary Entry 2700 2500     5200
m72 Alan Mark University of Queensland From molecules to cells Understanding the structural and dynamic properties of cellular components at an atomic level. 2000 3000     5000
n81 Jason Evans University of NSW Regional Climate Modelling in South-east Australia 1000 3400     4400
fb2 Daniel Chung University of Melbourne Direct numerical simulation of wall-bounded and buoyancy-driven turbulent flows 1300 2800     4100
g40 Andrew Hogg Australian National University The Dynamics of the Southern Ocean 4000       4000
fh6 Alexander Heger Monash University Exploring the Diversity of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions 1200 2500     3700
fr2 Sean Smith Australian National University Computational Nanomaterials Science and Engineering 1500 2000     3500
m49 Aijun Du Queensland University of Technology Nanomaterials for Energy, Nanoelectronics and Environmental Applications: Contribution from Modelling towards Rational Design 2000 1300     3300
q97 Dietmar Mueller University of Sydney Geodynamics and evolution of sedimentary systems 2700 500     3200
ek9 Christoph Federrath Australian National University Modelling the Formation of the First Stars in the Universe, Magnetized Clouds, Supernova Explosions, and Binary Star Formation 3000       3000
f81 Michelle Coote Australian National University Computer-aided Chemical Design of Catalysts and Control Agents 3000       3000
jh2 Mark Krumholz Australian National University Star Formation and Feedback in a Turbulent Interstellar Medium 3000       3000
g15 Ben Corry Australian National University Simulation studies of biological and synthetic channels 1000 2000     3000
m18 Louis Moresi University of Melbourne Instabilities in the convecting mantle and lithosphere 750 2250     3000
fc8 Debra Bernhardt University of Queensland New materials and fluids for catalysis, battery technologies and sensors. 1200 1600     2800
y82 David Edwards University of Western Australia Analysis of complex genomes 250 2270   106 2626
g46 Catherine Stampfl University of Sydney First-Principles Investigations of Processes and Properties in Catalysis, Coatings, and Devices 2000 500     2500
dd7 Toby Allen Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Mechanisms of ion channel function and modulation. 500 2000     2500
d71 Mark Thompson Monash University Transition, stability and control of bluff body flows 1000 1250 100   2350
kn6 Mohsen Talei University of Melbourne Developing predictive tools for cleaner combustion 250 2000     2250
d77 Hugh Blackburn Monash University High-Order Methods for Transitional and Turbulent Flows 1000 1200     2200
ga9 Suresh Bhatia University of Queensland Interfacial Barriers for the Transport of Nanoconfined Fluids 1400 750     2150
d64 Andrew Rohl Curtin University of Technology Realistic Modelling of the Effects of Solvent and Additives on Crystallisation   2000     2000
ev5 Ben Thornber University of Sydney Variable Density Compressible Turbulent Mixing 1500 400     1900
p88 Zhe Liu University of Melbourne Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Alloy Design 1350 500     1850
ds2 Bishakhdatta Gayen Australian National University The role of convection and turbulent mixing in ocean circulation 1800       1800
y99 Katrin Meissner University of NSW Abrupt climate change events in the past, present and future 1800       1800
n67 Kerry Hourigan Monash University Advanced Modelling of Fluid-Structure Interactions 750 1000     1750
ds0 Nathan Bindoff University of Tasmania Turbulence and mixing in the Southern Ocean 1600       1600
q95 Megan O'Mara Australian National University Investigating membrane protein dynamics, regulation and substrate recognition 1250 250     1500
dv1 Tiffany Walsh Deakin University Development and application of bio/nano interfacial simulations 1000 500     1500
k96 Ekaterina Pas Monash University Fully ab initio large-scale calculations for the prediction of physiochemical properties of condensed systems, polymers and proteins. 1000 500     1500
w27 Nikhil Medhekar Monash University Enabling Functional Properties of Nanoscale Materials using Atomistic Simulations 500 1000 0   1500
r15 Kevin Walsh University of Melbourne South Pacific High-resolution Climate Model Simulations 1400       1400
d39 Leo Radom University of Sydney Structural and Mechanistic Chemistry 1350       1350
dv9 Amir Karton University of Western Australia High-level quantum chemistry: From theory to thermochemical and biochemical application 1300       1300
fm5 Ivo Seitenzahl UNSW Canberra Hydrodynamical explosion simulations and radiative transfer for thermonuclear and core-collapse supernovae 1300       1300
mk63 (12247 Nicole STANFORD University of South Australia A first principles approach to understanding interfaces and chemical bonding in real engineering materials 1250       1250
p87 Nigel Marks Curtin University of Technology Atomistic Modelling of Carbon Nanostructures   1250     1250
up6 Steven Sherwood University of NSW Rethinking atmospheric physics to resolve climate enigmas 1200       1200
d85 Cheong Xin Chan University of Queensland Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics of Microbes from Diverse Environments 800     400 1200
v43 Simon Ringer University of Sydney Exploring structure-property correlations in advanced materials: Nexus between computational simulation and atomic resolution microscopy 1000       1000
qw21 (12249 Jimmy Philip University of Melbourne Numerical simulation of swirling flows with particles 500 500     1000
y41 Michelle Spencer Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Modelling Nanoscale Materials for Sensing and Device Applications 400 500 100   1000
xu1 Ricardo Mancera Curtin University of Technology Large scale molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecular systems 0 1000     1000
ew6 Simon Campbell Monash University Where are the Convective Boundaries in Stars?   1000     1000
fr66 (12246) Ashley Ruiter UNSW Canberra Understanding the origin of thermonuclear supernovae through simulating populations of interacting binary stars 900       900
k10 Shayne McGregor Monash University Predicting and understanding Australia's regional rainfall distribution in a changing climate 900       900
m65 Christoph Arns University of NSW Integration of conventional and digital core analysis 900       900
xd2 Rhodri Davies Australian National University Earth's Intra-Plate Volcanic Engine 900 0     900
to21 (12237) HA BUI Monash University Understanding the micromechanical origin of liquefaction in silty soils using advanced computational approach 600 300     900
ja3 Matthew Whiting CSIRO ASKAP Early Science   900     900
h66 Gregory Sheard Monash University Seeking the ultimate regimes of heat transport in horizontally driven natural convection 750       750
te53 Simon Easteal Australian National University The National Centre for Indigenous Genomics 750       750
v15 Haibo Yu University of Wollongong Molecular Simulations of Enzymatic Catalysis and Computer-Aided Molecular Design 750       750
cw7 Junming Ho University of NSW Accelerating the Design of Novel Catalysts and Drugs through Computational Chemistry 500 250     750
12268 Iver Cairns University of Sydney Solar Imaging Survey with the Murchison Widefield Array   750     750
fa4 Jason Sharples University of NSW Modelling and simulation of dynamic bushifre propagation 720       720
ez5 Peter Visscher University of Queensland Deciphering the genetic control of diseases 700       700
a57 Patrick Burr University of NSW Energy materials degradation 250 250 200   700
qk0 Peter Betts Monash University Subduction from top to toe. 600       600
n69 Fabio Capitanio Monash University 4-D Numerical Models of Plate Tectonics Subduction with an Upper Plate 550       550
lg8 Liangzhi Kou Queensland University of Technology Two-dimensional multiferroics and coupling with topological insulators for next generation electronics 300 250     550
d59 Adrian Sheppard Australian National University Probing the structure and properties of complex and hierarchical materials 540       540
eu82 (12207) Sang Lee University of South Australia Novel whole-genome approaches to capture the latent genetic architecture of complex traits 500       500
nm03 (1221 Callum Shakespeare Australian National University Wave-eddy-mean flow dynamics 500       500
rb70 (12267) Aaron Ludlow University of Western Australia What is the Most Viable Solution to the Small Scale Crisis Facing Cold Dark Matter? 500       500
br86 Cheng Chin University of Adelaide Numerical simulations of rough wall turbulence: A control's approach 500       500
f25 John Young UNSW Canberra Fluid-Structure Interactions in Biological and Biomedical Systems 500       500
n23 Russell Boyce UNSW Canberra Physics of the interactions between high-speed craft and their environment 500       500
nf4 Graham Heinson University of Adelaide 3D Geophysical Imaging for the Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP) 500       500
no2 Mike Ford University of Technology, Sydney Nanostructured Materials for Energy Efficiency Applications 500       500
q90 Robyn Schofield University of Melbourne Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Chemistry Climate Modelling of Ozone and Aerosols 500       500
q96 Chenghua Sun Swinburne University of Technology Computer-Aided Materials Design for Clean Energy 500       500
v05 Nicolas Flament University of Wollongong Dynamic Earth models for frontier diamond exploration 500       500
e90 Nevena Todorova Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Theoretical studies of bimolecular interactions under non-equilibrium conditions 250 250     500
ep0 Judy Hart University of NSW Design and development of new inexpensive photoactive materials for efficient hydrogen production and biomedical applications 250 250     500
fc2 Evelyne Deplazes University of Technology, Sydney Tapping into nature's pharmacy cabinet - molecular simulations to facilitate peptide-derived pharmaceuticals 250 250     500
o85 Claudio Cazorla University of NSW Nano-structured multifunctional materials for solid-state cooling (continuation project) 250 250     500
q75 Andrew Hung Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Developing New Treatments for Pain 250 250     500
ds56 (11826) Stefan Iglauer Edith Cowan University Hydrocarbon reservoir properties simulation   500     500
12266 Jian-Feng Nie Monash University Atomistic understanding of lattice defects and their interactions in lightweight magnesium alloys   500     500
pa4 Simon Illingworth University of Melbourne Reduced-order models of wall-bounded turbulence   500     500
iz4 Justin Leontini Swinburne University of Technology Oscillatory flows in complex geometries 450 0     450
dp0 Alister Page University of Newcastle Quantum Chemical Modelling of Nanoscale Chemical Processes 400       400
fd8 Andrew Neely UNSW Canberra Fluid-thermal-structural interactions for high-speed flight and propulsion 400       400
fk5 Lars Goerigk University of Melbourne Theoretical and Computational Quantum Chemistry Including Development of Computational Methods and Computational Materials Science 400       400
v88 Ting Liao Queensland University of Technology Theoretical Design of Oxides Based Materials for Energy Application 400 0     400
xe8 Malcolm Sambridge Australian National University Unleashing the power of data: the next generation of geophysical inference 400       400
fz8 Jared Cole Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology The materials science of transport and decoherence in quantum devices. 360       360
dv3 Yan Jiao University of Adelaide Materials Design for Clean Energy Conversion Reactions by DFT Computations 350       350
h72 Salvy Russo Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Prediction of the Properties of Materials and Nanomaterials 350       350
jb63 Anthony Weiss University of Sydney Mechanisms of tropoelastin-integrin interactions 350       350
ly85 Alejandro Di Luca University of NSW The future intensity of extreme East Coast Lows 350       350
w22 Peter Rayner University of Melbourne Multi-scale atmospheric composition: climate and chemistry (MSAC-CAC) 340       340
wk73 (12278 Susan Clark Garvan Institute of Medical Research Setting up 3D Epigenomes of endocrine resistance breast cancer 300       300
mq11 (1225 Pawel Swietojanski* University of NSW Generating realistic multi-sensory data in virtual worlds 250   50   300
k02 David Wilson La Trobe University Quantum Chemical Molecular Properties 250     30 280
iu57 (12204) Ziqi Sun Queensland University of Technology Computational Design of Two-Dimensional Hybrids Based Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy Application 250 0     250
to55 (12220) John Miners Flinders University The structural basis for selective and cooperative ligand binding by human drug and chemical metabolising cytochrome P450 enzymes: Application of molecular dynamics 250       250
ou02 (12229) Jong-Leng Liow UNSW Canberra Modelling of hydrocyclone behaviour 250       250
qw43 (12233 Alexander Babanin University of Melbourne Metocean projects, University of Melbourne 250       250
ra34 (12269) Mitra Safavi-Naeini* Other Australian Government Department Dose Quantification in Particle Therapy 250       250
dz19 (12270) Elena Pasternak University of Western Australia Instability and chaos in fault sliding due to asymmetric friction and negative stiffness 250 0     250
bc15 Emanuele Viterbo Monash University Performance Simulations for 5G Communication Systems 250       250
d43 Brian Yates University of Tasmania Designing Better Catalysts 250       250
d63 Jeffrey Reimers University of Technology, Sydney Modelling of Chemical Systems Including Molecular Excited States, Photosynthesis, and Molecular Electronics Applications 250       250
dp6 Maria Forsyth Deakin University Computational investigation of new selective transport materials 250       250
du5 Torsten Thomas University of NSW Assembly of next-generation sequencing data for microbial metagenomes 250       250
dy1 Mohammednoor Altarawneh Murdoch University Fundamental Understanding of the Role of Singlet Molecular Oxygen in Spontaneous fires 250 0     250
el5 Nikolai Petrovsky Flinders University Molecular modelling for design of more effective vaccine adjuvants 250       250
em5 Janice Fullerton University of NSW Neuroscience Research Australia Neurogenetics 250       250
fu4 Fangbao Tian UNSW Canberra Dynamics, learning and control of fast gait transitions in fish swimming using deep reinforcement learning 250       250
fz2 Allan Canty University of Tasmania Catalysis and Organometallic Chemistry 250       250
fz4 Asaph Widmer-Cooper University of Sydney Interactions and self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles: Establishing design rules for creating new nano-structured materials 250       250
g16 Ravi Jagadeeshan Monash University Sticky polymers in flow: Nexus between microscopic and macroscopic dynamics 250       250
jw98 SHANQING ZHANG Griffith University Design and Synthesis of Nanostructured materials for high performance batteries 250       250
ku36 Jatin Kala Murdoch University Can land surface radiation management reduce the intensity of heat waves? 250       250
m19 Jenny Fisher University of Wollongong The use of state-of-the-art 3-D chemical transport modelling to unravel the effects of atmospheric chemistry on climate 250       250
na4 Lloyd Hollenberg University of Melbourne Multi-Million Atom Quantum Computer Device Simulations 250 0     250
ng6 Joseph Horvat University of Wollongong Blue shift of terahertz absorption lines for molecular crystals 250       250
no1 LiangChi Zhang University of NSW An integral approach for the defect-free fabrication of high-integrity systems 250       250
p39 Elizabeth Krenske University of Queensland Theoretical Modelling of Molecular Structure and Reactivity 250       250
p45 Luming Shen University of Sydney Modelling high strain rate responses of unsaturated porous media 250       250
p74 Yun Wang Griffith University Understanding the properties of the electrode/solution interface in the electrochemical cell 250       250
pv9 Catia Domingues University of Tasmania Ocean heat uptake processes: implications for global and regional sea level change in the ACCESS model 250       250
qk9 Timothy Trudgian UNSW Canberra Verifying the Riemann hypothesis to a new record height 250       250
qn67 Callum Atkinson Monash University Extending numerical simulation of turbulent flows via assimilation with experimental data 250       250
qp77 Petra Heil University of Tasmania Tracking changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice motion 250       250
rw99 Jiabao Yi University of NSW Diluted magnetic semiconductor based on 2D materials 250       250
sx60 Daniel Duke* Monash University Simulating turbulent multiphase flows in pressurised metered-dose inhalers 250       250
uq5 Xingyong Wang University of Wollongong Computational study on the molecular mechanisms of UV-induced DNA photodamage and photolyase-catalysed DNA photorepair 250       250
v08 David Huang University of Adelaide Multi-scale modelling of soft condensed matter in functional materials 250       250
wa6 Martin Singh* Monash University Understanding the behaviour of the tropical atmosphere in a changing climate using idealised atmospheric models 250       250
wy28 Klaus Regenauer-lieb University of NSW Tyree X-Ray Facility 250       250
xn6 Elizabeth Ritchie-Tyo UNSW Canberra Tropical Cyclone Studies 250       250
y77 Hongtao Zhu University of Wollongong Polycrystal Plasticity FEM Simulation of Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) Techniques 250       250
ca11 Tim Gould Griffith University A roadmap for the inclusion of dispersion forces in structural prediction 0 250     250
m45 Andrew Ooi University of Melbourne Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies of Pulsatile Flows in Pipes and Arteries 0 250     250
sa0 Nicholas Williamson University of Sydney Stratified boundary layers in riverine environments: Modification of flow stability by lateral circulation 0 250     250
tc42 (11863) Barry Doyle University of Western Australia Using high-performance computing to understand cardiovascular biomechanics and improve patient outcomes   250     250
12190 Mark Agostino Curtin University of Technology Computational structural investigation of molecular interactions in cancer biology and neurological disorders   250     250
12221 Xihong Zhang* Curtin University of Technology Analysis and Design of Fast-laying Interlocking Brick System against Earthquake Loading   250     250
12223 Roger Huerlimann* James Cook University Using genetic approaches to increase aquaculture productivity and animal health   250     250
12226 Joel Brugger Monash University The metal factory: role of aqueous fluids in metal cycling in subduction zones   250     250
12265 Thomas Andrillon* Monash University Computing the neural correlates of spontaneous experiences     250   250
y94 Paul Cally Monash University Numerical modelling of MHD and partial ionization effects in the solar atmosphere   250     250
fb7 Naotsugu Tsuchiya Monash University Computational approaches towards the neuronal basis of consciousness     200   200
dy4 Andrew Melatos University of Melbourne Neutron stars and their gravitational wave emission: extreme nuclear physics laboratories     160   160
11884 Gregory Lumpkin Other Australian Government Department Atomistic Simulations of Nuclear Materials 0   100   100
12274 Karen Caeyenberghsa Victorian Institution not elsewhere defined Uncovering dynamic biomarkers of brain health using accelerated computational neuroimaging approaches     100   100
gb5 Roger Ordidge University of Melbourne Melbourne Brain Centre 7T MRI Protocol Development     80   80
11893 Ivan Lee University of South Australia Context-aware content analysis: understanding the data for improved visual analysis     50   50
rw5 Lei Wang University of Wollongong Exploring National Treasure: Automatic Photo Search for the Large Collection of National Archives of Australia     50   50
TOTALS (KSU) 122160 100420 1690 536 224806