Current NCMAS Round Call for Applications

Information and application forms for the current NCMAS round call will be available at Please check this URL and watch for public announcements of the current call from the NCMAS Secretariat.

Information for the NCMAS 2020 Call for Applications is provided here in a read-only form to support returning NCMAS applicants. Please note that your current NCMAS round application must be submitted using the online form available at

NCMAS 2020 Application Reference

Access to your NCMAS 2020 application is provided here for reference purposes only. Applications to the current NCMAS call must be submitted at

Important Dates

Dates Milestone
5 August Applications Open
20 September Applications Close 5:00pm AEST
23 September - 4 October Administrative and technical assessment
8 October - 22 November Merit assessment
25 - 26 November Allocation Committee meeting
4 December ...13 December 20 December Announcement of outcomes

Supporting Documentation

All applicants should read the NCMAS 2020 supporting documentation in full before starting their applications.

The Secretariat will provide notifications here if there are updates to NCMAS documentation during the call.

On-line Information Course

Applicants can also take a free, self-paced information course on NCMAS 2020 at

This course provides an overview of NCMAS and it’s merit-based allocation process, and information about the 2020 call. It also provides information on best practices and general recommendations for all applicants.

Completion of the online information course is mandatory for new NCMAS applicants. All returning applicants, and project teams, are also encouraged to complete the course to be fully informed about NCMAS.

NCI and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre will provide additional self-guided user training through this online system in 2020.

Getting Assistance

You can request help by sending an email to